Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"You Can't Trust Him"

So, a recap of the episode goes like this: Kristin, Alex H. and Jessica get massages (which looked so freakin relaxing I might add) then they go off on a ladies night out to Dave and Busters (that's a chain btw?). Alex H gets a hot guy's number and Jessica mopes the entire day/night because her boyfriend Jason sucks. Jason and Talon go surfing and a wave washes in Taylor and Alex #2, who invited the boys to the poker party. Which brings us to the poker party at Morgan #2's house. a) Girls don't know how to play poker. 2) Girls that do know how to play, or girls that pretend to know, play to either impress boys with their skills or to force themselves to strip b/c it's "part of the rules"...trust me I know. and C) Girls, especially high school girls, do not gather to play poker, no matter how good they are or how much they like it. Let's get real people! Either way the "poker night" went down and with a scare. Jason and Cedric the entertainer played a little prank on the girls. And speaking as a girl, those bitches did not act scared enough! If you're a girl in a house full of girls and absent of parental/authoritarian/male figures, and your alarm systems sounds and you find blood on the window, you are not going to run outside where the potential predators are lurking. Again, let's get real! LC and Stephen seemed to have had a late night sleepover, which ended in a romantically cute breakfast and a lot of smiling from both LC and myself. Finally, Jessica confronted Jason about his shadiness and after he raises his voice for a few minutes denying any and all accusations, she asks him to go to dinner. What?!? Then he tells her she has to drive separately. Forget the possibility of cheating, when your boyfriend doesn't even want to drive in the same car as you, you know you're in a bad state of the relationship and you know the guy's a dick. But, speaking as an equally insecure girl, Jessica, it's happened to the best of us.
So...LC and Stephen are bffs once again. Kristin, Alex H. and Jessica spend the whole episode bashing Jason (which was well-deserved) and the other snotty brats do a whole lot of screaming and boyfriend stealing.
As a final note, did anyone notice how hideously ugly Kristin is when she laughs, especially when she laughs in the dark?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Let the rain fall down...

At last, Laguna Beach is back! The trailer for the premiere aired following the Real World Austin season premiere, back on June 21st. I have been preparing for tonight ever since. The calendar was marked in bright pink marker. The ringtone was downloaded on my phone. I even got a date (yeah Boone) for the event! The amazing day that was today has come and gone. After a grueling 7 month hiatus, the Laguna gang is once again a part of our lives!
Though I was a tad upset with the opening credits--Kristin that snobby whore bitch got first billing! LC and Stephen were way too far into the credits for my liking. Plus Lo, Morgan, Christina, and Trey didn't even make the credits! It was full of new faces and names, much to my disliking. However, the show proceeded and was amazing. Even though I am a hardcore LC fan til my death, and even though I still hope she wins Stephen's heart over that heartless bioch, I do like Kristin this season. ONLY because the "new faces" seem to be the Kristins of this season, I can sense it already. So Talan is not too bad. But Jason? NOT THAT CUTE, I don't know what all the fuss is about. AND for him to be so apparently hot, his girlfriend Jess is not that hot either. I think Kristin's friend Alex (blonde Alex) is hot and Kristin is definitely hotter this season. Taylor is okay; Alex brunette is okay. Casey is a little too porn-star looking for my taste, but she looked pretty hot at that party that she threw. Okay and I need to see what this Matt looks like. He better be GORGEOUS for Kristin to have gone and ripped poor little Stephen's heart out of his chest for. Oh, and who takes a limo to the bowling alley? Can I please move to Laguna Beach and pretend to be still in high school? I totally could pass...I've got the Kelly Clarkson CD and the extra big sunglasses, all I need is like a few million dollars and some peroxide...maybe some day.
Until then, I can get lost in their world every Monday night at 10:00 p.m. I already can't wait until next week!! Let the rain fall down I'm coming clean...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Real World Takes On Austin

The next season of Real World will be taking place in Austin, Texas. This will be the 16th season of The Real World, the show that defined reality television. The cast includes 4 girls and 3 boys: Johanna (21), Lacey (23), Melinda (21), Rachel (22), Danny (21), Nehemiah (19), and Wes (20). The cast wraps up filming this week and the season is set to air on June 21st!! Check out more on the season and cast here.

Also, have YOU ever wanted to be on Real World--live with six other strangers in an amazing house and have your life taped? Well, here's your chance! If you are interested in trying out for the 17th season of Real World, vist Bunim/Murray Productions Casting Call. Even though it's too late to send in a videotape, open calls are this Saturday!! Check out the details for the Open Call in Philadelphia.

Don't forget to tune in to the newest Real World drama on June 21st at 10:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Laguna Beach, Where Are You?

So, my MTV favorite show is Laguna Beach. It premiered on Tuesday, September 28, 2004, the day after my birthday, at 10:30 p.m. I remember seeing previews for it and feeling unconvinced that it was a show that I would like. I hadn’t watched the first episode because that week was my week from hell, at least as far as schoolwork was concerned. Because MTV tends to air re-runs a lot, I was lucky enough to catch the first episode before the second episode aired. It was instant love. I faithfully watched every episode for the remainder of the season. I had my favorite character, LC, the complete opposite of all of my friends who loved Kristin (LC's arch nemesis). I remember hating the anticipation leading up to the final episode--having to say goodbye to all the new "friends" that I made over the course of 3 months or so. And, then it was announced: there’d be a second season!!!
The previews were shown at the conclusion of the first season finale. LC, Lo, Christina, Morgan, Stephen, and Trey were all wrapped up in the college experience, while Kristin and Talan were now the seniors. LC in particular was struggling with the decision to stay in school in San Francisco or return to Laguna Beach. Kristin was living up her seniority back at Laguna High. However, a new girl at school and the bratty juniors were giving her a run for her money.

It has been almost five months since the finale and the second season previews and I don’t know how much longer I can take it! MTV generally has short intervals between seasons, usually around three months; this five month hiatus is just plain torturous. Hopefully, Laguna Beach will be back soon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What’s Burning On The Inferno?

It’s been eight weeks now since the first episode of Inferno 2, and quite a lot has happened. There has been plenty of drama thus far. First, Tonya got mad at Beth for gossiping and decided to throw her belongings into the pool. Beth, in return, decided to try to throw the next mission so that her team would lose. Next, Abe flipped out at much of the cast for accusing him and Mike of having a secret alliance. Then, Karamo and CT had it out during a vote discussion. Karamo, certain that he’d be picked by the other team, wanted to vote for Landon, while CT wanted to vote for Mike. Karamo and CT subsequently had some words. Finally, the entire Bad Ass team ganged up on Jodi after they accused her of pulling a “shady” move. Jodi, vulnerable to confrontation, broke down in tears and couldn’t face the pressure.
So now that the drama is caught up, let’s review where each team stands. There have been eight missions and 4 infernos. After last night’s episode, the Good Guys have won 3 missions and the Bad Asses have won a total of 5. Each mission deposits $10,000 into the team’s bank, so the Good Guys have accumulated $30,000 and the Bad Asses have accumulated $50,000. The four infernos thus far have been as follows: John (Good Guys) vs. Dan (Bad Asses); Robin (Good Guys) vs. Tina (Bad Asses); Karamo (Bad Assess) vs. Landon (Good Guys); Jodi (Good Guys) vs. Veronica (Bad Asses). The losers of those matches were John, Robin, Karamo, and Jodi. So, the Good Guys, now a team of 7, include Mike, Landon, Brad, Darrell, Jamie, Julie, and Shavonda. The Bad Assess, who currently form a team of 8 after Beth voluntarily left the show, include Abe, CT, Derrick, Dan, Veronica, Rachel, Tina, and Tonya. Next week’s mission involves some intense heights and gets some intense emotions rolling due to those heights.

Friday, April 22, 2005

MTV 10-Spot: The Current Schedule

Between all of the recent ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes,’ it’s time for a schedule update.

10:00 – Inferno 2
10:30 – Trippin’
10:00 – I Want A Famous Face
10:30 – MTV Specials/10-Spot re-runs
10:00 – Meet the Barkers
10:30 – MTV Specials/10-Spot re-runs
10:00 – Making the Band 3
10:30 – MTV Specials/10-Spot re-runs

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Famous Faces and Medical Places

The show, I Want A Famous Face, follows the journey of people that go through plastic surgery in order to look more like their favorite celebrities. Sometimes the surgery is minimal, and other times the patients receive five or more different surgeries at once. The people make the decision on their own to go through with this life-altering experience; MTV merely documents the process. Viewers meet the patients—they learn who they aspire to look like and what their reasoning is behind the transformation—and also hear the opinions of patients’ loved ones. Viewers go with the patients to the consulting appointment and then into the operation room. They get pretty explicit in what they show to the viewers as far as cutting and bleeding is concerned [I have to shut my eyes during this part]. Finally, viewers are with the patients through recovery and get to see the final product—usually, weeks or months have elapsed. So far this season we have met four patients—Brandi, Jennee, Jay, and Kelly—who have gone through with the procedure to look like Carmen Electra, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Arnold Schwarzenengger, and Jennifer Aniston, respectively. Next week, we meet a Crystal who hopes to look more like Britney Spears so that she can have the confidence to change careers from office clerk to professional stripper. Tune in to see the results of her transformation.

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